“Learn More” on the Web Causes Brain Damage

learn more

Most Web users continuously encounter the phrase “learn more” on Google or other websites. It’s intended to entice readers to click for more information about a topic. For example, “Gmail lets you archive all your conversations so you can search for … [Read more...]

Attitude of Gratitude Leads to Happiness in Life

Attitude of Gratitude

Many of use go through life believing that we're "self-made." We don't think enough about the others who have listened to us, given freely of their time, money and help. We don't have an "attitude of gratitude."That point was driven home this … [Read more...]

Brian Prows Dot Com Has a New Look


Blogs--especially personal ones--need  re-varnishing occasionally. So, this being the day before the Christmas Eve, I'm sprucing Brian Prows Dot Com."Blog" sounds like "grog," a drink once relished by those with money in the 1800's and those … [Read more...]

Monkey Orchids From Ecuador and Peru Ain’t No Chimps

Monkey Orchid Pair

From the wilds of Ecuador and Peru come Monkey Orchids, beautiful flowers with monkey faces (when you squeeze them the right way) If you don't  see why this orchid gets its name,  move back from your screen a few feet and take another look. Close … [Read more...]

Employment Sales Strategy Helps You Get a Job

Finding an Effective Employment Sales Strategy Over ten years ago, when I was managing call centers and sales departments, I developed a solution sales and marketing strategy called PBFA. The strategy was universal in that it could be used to better … [Read more...]

Mitigators Dominate Google Plus Social Circles

Mitigator and Google Plus Member

Mitigators Invading Google Plus Circles Mitigators, a growing breed of socially active people are joining Google Plus in droves.  After a thorough study of social networking Americans, I've concluded that the elite in Google Plus circles and … [Read more...]

Weather Unknown Says Sprint Smartphone: Know What You Need to Know

Too Many Unknowns--Including the Weather Tonight, while playing with my Nexus S, three words appeared at the top of the screen: "Weather is unknown." I have  a mobile app that spits out insignificant news stories and the weather. When it launches, … [Read more...]